Google teases custom designed phones in first Moto X ad


Motorola will be publishing the first ad for the Moto X in the US today on the eve of the American Independence Day with a patriotic message to begin the campaign leading up to the launch of the first Motorola phone by Google, Ad Age reports. The ad ends with a tagline “Designed by you. Assembled in the USA.” that takes on Apple’s popular “Designed in California. Assembled in China.” tagline that appears on its every product. Smart! Read on for the complete ad and some claims about the Moto X.

Motorola is also claiming that the Moto X would be the first smartphones users will be able to design themselves. Of course, it does not mention what aspects of the phone would be customizable – the software (most likely) or the ability to pick and choose different colors, hardware configurations and so on, like one can do with cars.

Motorola’s CEO, Dennis Woodside had earlier revealed that the Moto X would be launched by October this year and would feature a series of sensors that would make the phone contextually aware about its surroundings. Earlier, Larry Page had mentioned about a phone that can withstand a few falls and survive the occasional water splash. However, a recent photograph claiming to be that of the Moto X showed a pretty ordinary smartphone. Well, with the ad campaign beginning today, we can assume that the launch is not far away.

Here’s the ad in its entirety.

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