Google Now widget pops out on Google’s support page

With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google embarked upon one of its most ambitious projects. It was Google Now. It was not just a ‘Siri’ competitor, it was much more than that. It was a type of an artificial intelligence like service that would be provide relevant information to the user on the fly. But this feature did not have a widget of its own it was activated by swiping upwards from the Android home key, but if a leak via the Google Support page is to believed then a dedicated Google Now widget should be coming our way soon.

Users will be able to place the widget on their homescreen and the widget will be divide into multiple sections like ‘Directions’, ‘Weather’ and ‘Stock’ and the moment the user clicks on a section the relevant bit of Google Now will expand. We presume that this widget will be slightly customisable and will be based on the users preferences. It could also be possible that Google may end up delivering this widget via the Google Play store so that even devices running older version of Android can have access to it. Currently only Android Jelly Bean devices can run Google Now.

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