Google+ on iOS and Android updated, tweaks the design layout and introduces new features

Google has given its Google+ app on iOS and Android an update. This update brings a new design layout and also introduces new features like photo editing and filters among others.

Google+ for iOS, gets some design tweaks and also a photo editing feature from Snapseed. These photo editing tools now allow users to rotate or crop photos from within the app itself and also add filters like Drama or Retrolux. Users can also swipe to adjust the saturation, contrast or the brightness of the photos and when you are done, with a single tap the app now allows you to compare your creation with the original photo.

The Android version on the other hand gets a big update in terms of how the content is now displayed. Compared to before, the app now displays more text and images, with the buttons like re-sharing, commenting and +1 more prominent. Looking through photos has also become smoother, with the ability to swipe through photos inline without having to click on individual photos every time.

In addition to the above, both the apps now have the ability to share your current location with your circles, with your permission of course. The app also gives users more control on how they want their app to perform. They can adjust the volume of community posts in your home-screen, search for members and moderate content, and re-share news with a community.

You can download the updated Google+ app from Google Play and the App Store.

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