> > Google+ photos and videos updated with newer Auto Awesome filters and editing features

Google+ photos and videos updated with newer Auto Awesome filters and editing features


In addition to updating the Hangouts app, Vic Gundotra also announced updates for photos and videos uploaded on Google+. These updates include newer filters for the Auto Awesome feature, full size backups, easier sorting and the addition of a new tool called Analog Efex Pro to the Nik Collection.

The Auto Awesome feature, announced during this year’s Google I/O, made editing photos uploaded on Google+ easy. Now it gets a couple of new filters called Action, Eraser and Movie. The Action filter collates a number of photos and merges them into one single image and is similar to what we have seen in Action shots on Nokia’s Lumia smartphones. The Eraser tool removes unwanted objects from the image and the Movie tool lets one create short films using uploaded photos or videos, with added effects and music, which are also present in most smartphones these days. One also gets more control over the Auto Enhance feature, wherein by selecting high or low settings, one can choose the number of enhancements on the photo.

Snapseed editor app on the phones gets a new filter called HDR Scape, which enhances photos to give them a dynamic HDR look. Nik Collection too gets a new tool called Analog Flex Pro, which offers a number of image enhancing and processing tools.

The act of looking for photos uploaded on Google Plus has been given a boost. Google now recognizes around a 1,000 new keywords from beaches, snow, sunglasses, etc. For example, searching the word ‘beach’ brings up all the photos you clicked when you were on or near a beach.

Finally, the Auto Awesome feature now also works on videos. So all the auto-enhance tools meant for photos now also work on videos.

Like the updated Hangouts app, these new features will start arriving later this week.