Google Play Games screenshots leaked, could be a Game Center rival

For sometime there have been rumours about Google building a Game Center rival for Android to cater to the legion of gamers that use Android smartphones and tablets. Looks like this might actually happen as Android Police has published screenshots of a service called Google Play Games which was obtained from a leaked version of a Google Play services file. The screenshots indicate a number of incoming features that include achievements, in-game chat, matchmaking, cloud save syncing, and a leaderboard feature. Even the icon of the app has been revealed that looks like a green gamepad.

According to the report, the service will be deeply integrated with Google+ which will handle all user ID information. There will be many customisation features. For instance, users will be able to limit notifications from people in certain Circles and users will be able to share scores directly from Google+.

It’s worth mentioning that this report corroborates most of the information that was revealed in the earlier leak that stemmed from the Google Glass companion app. Looks like Google might unveil this as a new feature for the next version of Android which should happen on May 15 at Google I/O.

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