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Google Play Store to get tablet friendly soon

Google has released an update to its guidelines for tablet apps and screenshots, which suggests that it is now focusing on a tablet optimized version of Play Store that shows apps made for devices with larger displays. These guidelines for developers will help them in making tablet-specific apps in terms of graphic sizes, user interface, features and more. Google has provided 7-inch and 10-inch tablet layouts for developers to upload screenshots of their app running on 7-inch and 10-inch tablets to the Google Play Developer Console.

Till now, all the applications on Google Play were uploaded with a common interface for smartphone and tablets, which is why the applications were designed as per the smartphone’s interface. However, with these new guidelines developers are asked to assure that their apps meet the basic expectations of tablet users through compelling features and an intuitive, well-designed UI, before publishing an app on Google Play.

This indicates that Google’s Android users will now get to experience an application interface optimized for tablets, similar to what Apple’s users get to experience on iPad. The lack of apps optimized for tablets has been one of the biggest reasons for the slow uptake of Android tablets, but with increasing sales it seems Google is finally taking tablets more seriously.