Google releases Chrome 59 with a completely redesigned UI and Settings section

There are a host of speed boosts, easier printing and design changes in the new OS version.


Google unveiled Chrome 59 earlier this month and the latest update comes with a host of changes and improvements. The biggest change comes in terms of UI design, with a completely new ‘Settings’ section. The new design of version 59 is in keeping with the universal design language released by Google three years ago. 

Additionally, the new update is also expected to make Google Chrome browser faster and boost speed. The speeds are expected to improve by up to 20 percent with the new changes. However, the speed boost will be available only to Android users and users of Chrome OS on other platforms will not be able to discern any difference in the loading speeds. Google has shifted to the more advanced V8 Javascript engine which loads heavier pages quicker and more easily, making them accessible faster to the user.

Google Chrome 59 will also support animated PNGs, a feature not present in current versions. The changes for developers are more significant, and will aid developers in experimenting with the new platform. APNGs are similar to GIF designs in looks and also in functioning but they support both 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency, unlike traditional GIFs. There have been multiple requests to Google to add APNGs to the platform, a feature Google has long promised but failed to deliver upon. ALSO READ: 5 tips to make Google Chrome run faster, save battery on your laptop

Google has also launched a new native printing feature which makes printing from Chrome 59  a lot easier. There’s no need to connect Chrome OS to Google Cloud Print but prints can directly be sent to any locally network printer. Google Chrome OS will present the user with a list of locally networked systems and the user can choose the system to send the print from. The system is mainly targeted at larger institutions with a host of connected printers.

Google Chrome 59 also brings desktop notifications on MacOS using the system’s notification API. For users, it means the design of notifications on MacOS will differ from previously. The new version also fixes multiple bugs and errors on the OS. users can capture full resolution images on the system as Google has also introduced new image capture API. “With the new Image Capture API in Chrome 59, you have to access the full resolution capabilities of any available camera. The API provides control of features such as zoom, brightness, contrast, ISO and even white balance.”, Google mentions in it’s Chrome 59 listing.


  • Published Date: June 14, 2017 5:23 PM IST