Google removes 60,000 low-quality apps from its Play Store in February

Unlike Apple’s team of reviewers who check every app before posting on the App Store, Google relies on a series of automated filters to keep bad apps at bay. But sometimes spam or malware apps do get through and in what is the biggest cleanup yet, Google removed 60,000 apps from its Play Store in the month of February, according to a report on TechCrunch.

Google concentrated on apps that it felt are of low quality and removed them for good measure. Not all apps were removed by Google though, and many that included a few Sprint-bundle apps were taken down by the developers themselves. The report also states that off the 60,000 apps removed, a majority of the apps were listed in the mp3/ringtones category, which more often than not attracts shady apps promising free songs or ringtones for your phones.

A cleanup at such a massive scale shows the Google is tightening the screws on less-than-reputable publishers and moderating what kind of apps go on its Play Store. The cleanup also comes at an interesting time when Google, as we earlier reported, is planning on releasing an updated version of its Play Store.

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