Google services could speed up by 30 percent in India with new Asia servers

Google services like YouTube could witness a speed boost of up to 30 percent in India this year as the Internet giant’s new datacenters go live in Asia. Google is currently working on three datacenters in Asia – one each in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong – its first such foray outside the US and Europe, ET reports. At the moment Google has seven datacenters in the US and has facilities in Belgium, FInland and Ireland.

The Singapore  datacenter is expected to go live in the first quarter followed by the Taiwan facility in the second quarter. The proximities of these datacenters would boost speeds of Google services, especially data intensive services like YouTube and HangOut, by as much as 30 percent, according to one industry insider.

Google had considered sites in Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, India and Vietnam for its Asian data centers apart from Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. The company, apparently did not choose India due to the hot weather. However, we believe that the decision has to do with more than the weather conditions and would have included infrastructure and regulatory regimes, both of which seem to be unfavorable in India.


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