Google shows off new Glass UI, comes with translation, search and voice commands

Google’s Project Glass could be considered amongst the most enthralling and polarizing technological developments of 2012. Back in 2012, when Google showcased a video of the technology, it left the world drooling and today, it has posted a new video of the ‘Glass’ user interface that is closer to the final product that is said ship sometime in 2014.

The latest preview of Glass provides more detail in how the device will work. According to the video posted, it will allow users to execute and receive onscreen directions, send voice triggered messages, shoot search queries using speech and all this will appear in a HUD on the tight left corner of the display.  Moreover, the UI will allow for voice-controlled photos and translation something which was not revealed earlier.

While Google is already rolling out developers with the Explorer Edition of Glass for $1,500, it is expected that the final consumer edition of the device will be available in 2014. That said, Google has also outlined a competition in the hands of non-developers through a contest on Twitter and Google+. Applicants will need to post within 50 words what they will use Glass for using the hashtag #ifihadglass. Applicants can also post a small video or image to supplement the application and its only open to people above 18. Google will declare the results on February 27 and the best 8,000 will receive the Explorer edition of Glass. However, this is only meant for US citizens.

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