> > Google takes on Facebook Connect, launches Google Plus sign-in service for developers

Google takes on Facebook Connect, launches Google Plus sign-in service for developers

Google has added the Google Plus sign-in feature to its Google+ API for the app developers. App developers working on Android, iOS and the web can now use Google+ API to add an option for the users to sign-in to their applications with their Google accounts. This is similar to what Facebook already does with Facebook Connect that lets users sign into apps with their Facebook credentials.

This new feature has been released with features including security of content, installation of an app on mobile handset by signing in with Google on the PC, limiting the sharing of content to specific groups of people, and more. Moreover, this will increase the visibility of the Google account on various applications as well as ensure a better and secured experience to the users.

Google feels that as the developers can allow users to sign in to their app with Google+ account it will help increase the security of the content used in the application. Apart from this, developers can add some more interesting features offered through the Google+ sign in service. For instance, developers can add this service to their applications with separate mobile and desktop versions to allow users download the mobile version of the application with their Google credentials. This will bridge the access limitation of the application on the mobile version and desktop version.

Moreover, adding this service will also allow developers to let the users filter in groups of people on Google+ to share content with them. Also, apart from sharing developers can add Interactive post feature using which users will be able to allow these people to access as well as post and do more with content. Moreover, this will engage the users in sharing content to purchase items, check locations, passing comments and more.