Google to shut down YouTube, launch Google Nose, Gmail Blue and other Google April Fool’s Day pranks

Like every year, Google is back with its April Fool’s Day pranks, the biggest of them being it is shutting down YouTube, which was actually an eight-year contest to find the best video on the web. The announcement video indicates the winner would be announced today, post which YouTube would be shut down for good. Hit the jump below for more April Fool’s Day pranks from Google.

Then there is Google Nose, which claims to have an “aromabase” of 15 million “scentibytes” that will let people search for smells and sniff them from their computers.

The Maps team not to be left behind has come up with a Treasure Map that has clues spread in cities across the world that would unveil an ancient treasure.

And finally, Google takes a dig at Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Blue update with Gmail Blue – it’s just Gmail but bluer!

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