Google Translate adds support for Marathi and four other languages

Google today added support for Marathi on its Translate service taking the number of Indian languages supported to eight, which include Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. In addition to Marathi, Google also added four other languages and now supports more than 70 languages in total.

Besides Marathi, Google Translate has added support for languages like Bosnian which is spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cebuano which is spoken in Philippines, Hmong which is spoken in countries like China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand and Javanese that is spoken in Indonesia.

Most of these languages, Google adds, are still in their alpha stage, which means they are continuously been experimented upon with new words and phrases added every day.

Google, if you remember, recently updated its Translate app for Android that introduced an offline translation feature for more than 50 languages. The latest version of Google Translate with support for Marathi and the rest of the four languages is available from the Play Store and the App Store for free.