Google updates app security services for Android, now offers continuous check for threats in apps

Google has advanced its security system for providing improved security tools for apps in Android. The company has announced that its Android’s security tool, Verify Apps has got even better and will continually scan apps even after their installation on users’ systems, to check for malwares and other threats to the user’s smartphones and tablets. Previously, this Verify Apps would scan apps which were installed outside of the Play Store, however will now continually monitor apps in the background.

Google says that its enhanced security services will operate in the background of an Android device to keep the devices safe from any malware attack. On detecting any such disturbing element in an app’s behavior, the company’s software team will take relevant measures, and will alert the user of the threat by displaying a security pop-up on their phone.

We know that security of content and data on smartphones is one of the most talked about issue. Recently Gartner had also released a report about the growing threats from the HTML5 powered apps, which can be a major concern in the future. And knowing that Android runs on almost 80 percent of the devices, it is important for Google to constantly update its security services for Android.