Google updates Google+ Photos, adds photo editing tools, HDR and panorama effects among others


Google today announced a major update for Google+ Photos at the I/O today, which introduces new tools to make selecting, editing and uploading photos easier and more streamlined. Some of the new tools allow users to enhance, select the best pictures among a big stack of photos and also add animations.

If you are dreading the job of selecting the best 20 photos to upload on Google+ from among 100s of pictures, Google will now automatically select the best photos by discarding duplicates, out of focus pictures and also blurry photos. Users will still be able to add more photos if Google misses out on one that you liked. On the editing front, Google has introduced a number of filters that can automatically enhance your skin tone, soften your skin, focus on certain parts of the image and also remove noise.

In addition to the above, Google also announced a new feature called ‘Auto-Awesome’ which will create a small Gif from a select few photos clicked in motion mode and other new features that will create a HDR effect, stitch photos to make a panorama photo and add smiles to a particular face from other photos.

All of these features will go live later today and Google also announced that it had created some Gifs from the existing photos on your Google+ profiles.

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