Google Video Quality Report to test ISPs based on YouTube streaming quality


Google today announced a new initiative in order to push Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to improve their YouTube streaming capabilities with the launch of Video Quality Report. Google will monitor the streaming speeds experienced by viewers and will give verified badges to ISPs based on how quickly the stream was served to users over a 30-day period.

Based on the speeds, Google will badge ISPs as YouTube HD verified (at least 720p), Standard Definition (at least 360p) and Lower Definition (lower than 360p) based on the resolutions viewers experienced on that ISP at least 90 percent of the time. Users will be able to get details of the ratings of ISPs in their localities.

Google hopes that by calling out the best and worst ISPs in any area would force them to provide better YouTube experience in order to retain subscribers. ISPs have been known to throttle popular data consuming services like YouTube as they seek companies like Google to pay them what can be described as a carriage fee to deliver such services to end consumers, fearing they are turning into dumb pipes.

You can check more details about Video Quality Report here.

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