Google’s ‘location history browser’ can tell you where you were last Monday at 1500hrs

Google’s location history browser reportedly tells a users their exact location from past along with the specific time through an interesting map. The browser isn’t something new and has been there for years and uses a person’s location data that the company prompts during the initial setup asking users if Google could transmit their location data back to the mothership.

According to TechCrunch, this data is then collected by the company, for more targeted ads or simply to let users go back in past and revisit their last trip to another city. The service is opt-in and users can also delete the history on a day-by-day basis or clean the entire location slate in one attempt.

Google shows up the entire location history in a graph form and once a user scrubs the mouse pointer at the bottom, the map plays back the selected day, movement-by-movement, the report added.

Here is the link to the location history browser.