> > Gupshup launches its Messenger app, combines IM and SMS support

Gupshup launches its Messenger app, combines IM and SMS support


Gupshup today launched its mobile messenger application called Gupshup Messenger, which is now available across all popular platforms. While other messenger apps seem to replace SMS, Gupshup Messenger would work as any other IM app on smartphones and gives users the option to chat over SMS on feature phones. The service first started a few years ago as SMSGupshup, enabling users to broadcast messages to their followers over SMS.

So how does Gupshup Messenger differ from the likes of Whatsapp and Nimbuzz, we asked Beerud Sheth, co- founder and CEO, Gupshup. “The app can be used to send free messages even to those who are not using this app. There is no SMS charge applied on using the app for sending such messages. This feature makes this better than the likes of Whatsapp and Nimbuzz,” he commented.

Gupshup Messenger combines private and public form of messaging on a single platform that can be used to send messages to even those who are not using the application. So, in order to receive messages from the app, the receiver does not require to have the app installed on their devices. Messages get delivered on the receiver’s devices in the form of an SMS. However, to receive these messages the receiver will need to opt out of the Do Not Disturb service, which we believe is a big hassle.

There are several other features offered in the app like users can also custom made smilies using this application. An interesting feature of the app is that while it can be used to post messages on its community page which comes similar to Twitter in service, user can also exchange messages in private to one or multiple contacts on the app. As per the company, Gupshup currently has over 5 million communities and over 65 million users across platforms.

The application is available for free download on Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Nokia S40 platforms.