Halo creator, Bungie, unveils Destiny, FPS style MMO for PS3 and Xbox 360

Halo is widely acknowledged as the most successful gaming franchise on Microsoft’s Xbox 360. It has been developed by Bungie, which is no longer part of Microsoft and for the past few years Bungie has been in hibernation. Now we know what the sleeping giant has been up to as yesterday it unveiled ‘Destiny’ a MMO/FPS hybrid for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Bungie, along with the help of Activision call it an ambitious effort and the online requirement extends to both single player and multiplayer modes. Weirdly, 2013 is supposedly the year when we will get out a whiff of the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox, and we already have the Nintendo Wii U, but Bungie has not announced the game for any of these next generation platforms. Of course this could be a temporary embargo as the next generation consoles by Sony and Microsoft have not been announced officially. That said, Bungie is not even talking about a PC variant of the game.

Bungie has posted multiple images from the concept art and there is a unveil documentary of sorts that also points at a smartphone element, which could add another unique dimension to the game.

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