Lava Xolo X1000 hands on

Lava’s sub-brand Xolo has unveiled a new smartphone the X1000, which also becomes its third smartphone to run an Intel chipset. The X1000 is powered by the 2GHz version of Intel’s Medfield chipset that was previously seen in the Motorola Razr i. The device does not only come with Intel’s chipset but also adds some high-end features at the price of Rs 19,999. We went hands on with it, read on to find out more.

The Xolo X1000 has an attention grabbing uni-body design, which comprises of an edge-to-edge display. The 4.7-inch display features a 720p resolution converting to 314 pixels per inch and is also curved. At first glance the screen seems to be good to look at, but we will reserve final judgement when we review the device.

On the back it features a smooth rubberized finish and the top and bottom are flanked by twin chrome strips. This also makes the phone very comfortable to hold.

The back also houses the 8-megapixel camera that comes with a LED flash below the camera module place in an aesthetically pleasing chrome strip. The ‘Intel Inside’ and ‘Xolo’ brandings are also showcased on the back.

On the bottom of the device there are two ports for the microSD card slot and the SIM card slot.

Overall, the Xolo X1000 is remarkably thin at 9.1mm something, which is admirable for a smartphone in this price bracket.

Software is where the Xolo X1000 disappoints as it is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which is more than a year and a half old. Considering Intel is yet to optimize its chipset for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean this remains a limitation for all the Xolo devices powered by Intel chipsets and the 2GHz Medfield chipset is no exception.

However, in terms of performance the new Intel Atom chipset performed smoothly. With good reason as it has a 2GHz core with hyper-threading combined with 1GB of RAM. In our limited time with the device we managed to run multiple apps and we ran into zero hiccoughs. We also played games like Temple Run 2 and Angry Birds and the device provided a pleasurable experience.

We tried out the 8-megapixel camera but the results were slightly noisy, but that was to be expected as the lighting conditions at the launch event were far from ideal. We will test the camera in great detail once we review the device.

Other features of the Xolo X1000 feature 8GB of internal memory, a 1.3-megapixel front camera and a 1,900-mAh battery.

The Xolo X1000 is shaping up to be an interesting device. It has a solid feature set and is powered by a chipset which has a penchant for smooth performance. However it does run an archaic version of Android and it comes from brand that is yet to prove its worth. We will have more on it once we get our hands on the review unit, in the meanwhile stay tuned for more.

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