Hands on: Nokia Asha 205

Nokia’s Asha line of smartphones have been designed to give the user a smartphone like experience at ultra low price points and the company has been relatively successful with this strategy of late. The Asha 205 is the latest in this line and unlike the previously released offerings it is a QWERTY device, which does not have a touch panel but it does retain the S40 OS. We went hands on with it, read on to find out more.

At first glance the Asha 205 borrows a number of design elements from previously released Nokia Asha 302 feature phone, which also had a QWERTY keypad.

The QWERTY keypad has a supple response and it is indeed very fast to type on. As far as the build quality is concerned we believe it to be of the highest order for device that will come for less than Rs 4,000.

Another notable addition is the presence of a dedicated Facebook button like the HTC Chacha, which ran Android. This is another nice feature to have, if you are a social bug.

Additionally Nokia borrows the fruity color scheme from the Lumia line of smartphones that adds a layer of luster to the Asha 205.

As far as the software is concerned it is more or less the S40 experience we have be one accustomed to but Nokia adds a wide array of tricks. Perhaps the biggest one is the Slam sharing feature that basically uses Bluetooth but instead of pairing a device the user can just tap the other device to quickly share the content. This feature also works with Android devices but not with iOS and Windows Phone.

Adding to the wealth of features Nokia also offers the Express browser that makes browsing frugal even on slow connections and reaching commonly used websites is a rather hassle free affair as Nokia pins a number of quick links to the homescreen. Apart from this users can also download 40 EA games for free from the Nokia store that are optimised for the S40 OS.

All this makes the Asha 205 a very attractive device at first glance especially for the pro e bracket it is competing in. But as always we will reserve our judgment for the final review.

Photo Credits: Rohit Sharma

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