Hands-on with KFC's 'Watt a Box' that charges your phone while you eat

The limited edition 5-in-1 meal box has a built-in power bank to charge your gadgets.

Want to enjoy some fried chicken and get your smartphone charged along with it? KFC has you covered with its 5-in-1 meal box called Watt a Box. Created in collaboration with its Mumbai-based digital agency, Blink Digital, the limited edition Watt a Box can only be won through contests held at select stores in Delhi and Mumbai, or through an online contest on KFC India’s Facebook page.

The box comes with magnetic flaps and contains your usual meal but has a power bank integrated on its side. The box also comes with micro-USB and Lightning cables to charge your iPhone or Android smartphones. The best thing is the power bank is removable, so you can carry it along.

The power bank claims to have a 6,100mAh battery but the claims fell short during our brief test. We put an iPhone 5s to charge, which gained 17 percent battery after charging for half-an-hour. But the downside was that the power bank was drained during this process. We recharged the power bank to 100 percent and tried to charge a Redmi Note 3. But the power bank ran out of juice again with the phone gaining just 7 percent of charge.

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Clearly, this is a power bank to charge your gadgets while you eat and isn’t exactly supposed to double up as a power bank. Despite the tiny battery, we love the concept. KFC has come up with similar marketing campaigns in the past as well. Back in September last year, it came up with the Don t Panic Man campaign in Romania, which rewarded people with a free meal for coming to a KFC store when social media platforms were down.

KFC is not the only one to toy with such marketing campaigns. Pizza Hut came up with a limited edition box in Hong Kong that converted into a projector for smartphones. McDonald’s had launched a special edition of its Happy Meal boxes in Sweden that could be converted into cardboard VR headsets. Coca Cola too had a similar cardboard VR headset one could make from its 12-pack cartons.

Published:Tue, June 21, 2016 7:16pm | Updated:Tue, June 21, 2016 7:22pm


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