Here’s a Bluetooth fidget spinner that you can connect with your phone

This is the best news for all fidget spinner enthusiasts.


I don’t know about you, but I am a big fidget spinner enthusiast, and I’ve got some sick tricks too. But it makes me hopping mad when I do one of those tricks and there’s no one around to watch. Because obviously when someone is watching the spinner would just fall in the first three seconds. But thank the stars, Indiegogo now has a project by BlueSpin, which has started a crowdfunding campaign for the “first Bluetooth fidget spinner”. You hear that?

Essentially, BlueSpin Bluetooth Spinner connects to an app on your phone that gamifies the fidget spinner experience, allowing you to complete trick challenges, share your scores, and chat with your friends about how much you love fidget spinning. The spinner includes touch sensitive buttons on each side, and an accelerometer to track motion.

Additionally, the Bluetooth fidget spinner can track your speed and number of spins, and tell you how cool you are whenever you manage to transfer the spinner from hand to hand, or balance it on a single finger. The tiny built-in battery is replaceable, and supposed to last for an entire year on a single charge.

Though it’s heart breaking to even type this, but this fidget spinner will the light of the day only by September 2017, which is BlueSpin’s estimated ship date. And when and if it will make it to India is a different concern altogether. However, through Indiegogo you can still make your bookings. You can also order in advance with their early bird campaign, where you can claim your own Bluetooth Spinner for $49 when the Indiegogo campaign launches in July.

  • Published Date: June 28, 2017 6:24 PM IST