> > Hidden ‘Radio Buy’ button in iOS 6.1 hints at Apple's rumored music streaming service

Hidden ‘Radio Buy’ button in iOS 6.1 hints at Apple’s rumored music streaming service

Yesterday we showed you how to jailbreak your iDevices running iOS 6.1, finally opening it up to a myriad of customizations. Earlier today the folks at 9to5Mac found a hidden ‘Radio Buy’ button in the jailbreak fueling rumors about Apple’s long-speculated music-streaming service.

Using file-manager i-Funbox on iOS, they found icons that depict a radio tower emanating waves, which didn’t have a reason to be there at the first place as the iPad Music app doesn’t have radio functions. The presence of these icons could mean that Apple might be planning a radio service like the one found on the iPod Nano.  However, 9to5Mac pointed out that the radio buttons are labeled as “Buy” which could point to Apple planning some sort of premium radio service rivaling the likes of Pandora and Spotify.

The report states that Apple has apparently held talks with record labels about launching such a premium service. This service could take the form of a preinstalled app on the iPhones and iPads and Apple could offer to sell stations of music based on particular songs, artists, or genres.

Image Credit: 9to5Mac