Homemade iPhone 5 built from glass and aluminum is most gorgeous design yet

We’ve seen about a hundred different interpretations of what Apple’s iPhone 5 might look like at this point, and we probably all agree that October 4th can’t come soon enough; regardless of what Apple unveils next month, it will finally put an end to the rumors and speculation. Apple’s next-generation iPhone might be an incremental update, a major upgrade or even both, and while current signs are pointing to the optimal scenario — a revamped low-end iPhone 4 and an all-new redesigned iPhone 5 — we won’t know for sure until shortly after 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time on the 4th. In the meantime, however, we can dream. Ben Miller of German mobile site BenM.at has gathered all of the case leaks, rumored specs and mock-ups that have trickled out over the past few months, and actually built a physical best-guess iPhone 5 out of glass and aluminum. The result… is gorgeous. Miller’s design definitely resembles the Case-Mate renders we exclusively reported earlier this month, and if the real iPhone 5 looks anything like this, we can’t get our hands on it soon enough. More images of Miller’s mock-up follow below.


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