Hong Kong gets cheapest iPhone 4S pricing in the world

As always, if you are looking to buy unsubsidized, carrier unlocked iPhone in the world, book yourself on a plane to Hong Kong and camp out in front of the recently opened Apple Store till November 11. Hong Kong has the best pricing for the iPhone 4S that starts from HK$5,088 for the 16GB variant (Rs 32,000 approximately), HK$5,888 for the 32GB (Rs 37,100 approximately) and HK$6,688 for the 64GB version (Rs 42,200 approximately). The 8GB iPhone 4 variant is available for HK$4,288 (approximately Rs 27,000). If you have an address in Hong Kong where the iPhone can be shipped, you can pre-order it today and it will be delivered between November 22 and December 11. With these prices, we believe all stores in Hong Kong will be sold out of devices at least till early January.

Disclaimer: We are told that Apple iPhone doesn’t carry global warranty and is valid only in the country of purchase.

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