How Not To: Sturdiness test on Samsung Galaxy S5 fails; Battery punctures


There are very kind souls on the Internet who meticulously open new devices to check the internals. Then there are YouTube users who would put their devices through physical torture in order to prove the sturdiness. And then there are these people who would just try way too hard! But yes, their work doesn’t go waste either. And one such YouTube user shows how not to check the sturdiness of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

In the video attached below, the YouTube user who goes by the name TechRax, has put a Samsung Galaxy S5 into a nightmarish sturdiness test. First, he starts trying to cut the phone with a knife. About 2 and a half minutes, and a little cuts and scratches on the device later, he decides to introduce his other friend, a hammer. While the phone withstands light and medium blows, the repeated hard hammering on the screen finally breaks it, but the guy doesn’t give up.

What happens next is not just stupidity but also concerns us a bit. It looks like his research had to be deeper than that, so he continues to hit the phone after turning it upside down, which eventually breaks open the rear panel, exposing the battery to the strikes. The battery, in turn, gets punctured and sprinkles out what the guy was expecting, disappointment.

We hope budding YouTubers learn from this, and don’t do such kind of “testing”. As for the flagship phone from Samsung, sadly, it won’t live to see another day.

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