How to get free iTunes Radio outside the US


After a lot of rumors and conjectures, Apple finally unveiled its music streaming service called iTunes Radio along with the iOS 7 update. This service lets users to listen to free music via stations curated by iTunes or created by users themselves. It is free with ads and limited skips, while iTunes Match users get it ad-free. Though this service is only available in the US, we have found a way for you to enable iTunes Radio on your devices even if you are not in the US. Read on…

Apple’s Pandora-like service is available on iTunes 11 and is a part of the music app on iOS 7. To get iTunes Radio now, you have to create a new Apple ID, with the country selected as United States. The best part is you can create a free Apple ID without having to fill in your credit card details.

One way is to do it through iTunes. The first step is to ensure that the country selected on the Store is Unites States. Go to the App Store next and buy a free app (it’s important to buy a free app for this method to work) and on the following pop up window, click on ‘Create Apple ID’. Follow the instructions and on the payments options page, select none. Fill in your name and address (any US address would do). The next step is to verify your email id and you are good to go.

The other method is to do it on your Apple device. Sign out from your existing Apple ID. You go to the App Store, download a free app and in the next window where it asks for an ID, you select ‘Create Apple ID’. The rest of the steps are the same as above.

After you’ve created a new id, go to Settings -> iTunes & App Store to sign in again on your device using this new id. Once you’ve done that the radio option will be enabled on iTunes (on your desktop) and the music app (on your iOS device). We suggest you close both the apps and open them again. We have been using the app for the past day or two and it works perfectly fine.

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    Can one also switch back to the own account and use it? Or does one have to stay on the us account?

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    I’ve been using a US itunes account for awhile now, the only problem is I have to buy itunes cards online now. I’ve been using and and have had good luck so far.