How to get support for Nexus 7 bought from Google Play Store in India

Google started selling the Nexus 7 in India via its online Play Store last week, making it the first device to be available to buy directly via Google in India. However, many readers have complained about the lack of clarity about after sales support for the device considering it has been bought online and Google does not have any contact information on its Play Store. Read on to find out how to contact Google and get any issues sorted after one has bought the device.

Many readers complained to us that the Play Store support site does not have any contact information for India. We faced the same problem initially but it turns out that simply changing the language to English (GB) reveals the information. For users in India, Google has set up a call center that can be reached by dialling 1800-108-8485.

We checked up with the center and found the representatives to be well-informed and helpful. Google is offering a 15-day return policy whereby buyers can return their unopened Nexus 7 (should be in the sealed box) by calling up the helpline. The representatives confirmed to us that Google would arrange for a pick up and the entire sum paid by the buyer would be refunded without levying any handling charges.

In case of a problem with the device, buyers are again advised to call the helpline, where the representative would try to troubleshoot the problem. If that does not help, a pickup would be arranged and then it would be determined whether the device can be repaired, else a new device will be shipped within three to five working days.

While it seems Google has done a good job with training its representatives, we hope it would sort the bug that does not display the contact information irrespective of which variant of English the user has chosen.

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