HP reportedly building Android tablets and perhaps even a smartphone

HP is apparently taking a deep dive in the tablet market as it intends to launch Android based tablets if a report by ReadWrite is to be believed. This has also been confirmed by The Verge so there must be some weight to this rumor.

According to the report, HP will soon announce a tablet that will be powered by the Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset and it has been in the works since thanksgiving this year. Most details about the product are vague, but it could be amongst the first companies to launch a Tegra 4 device. Additionally, the report also says that HP  could also make an Android smartphone.

Now we have heard HP CEO Meg Whitman talk about the importance of the tablet market and even the smartphone market. She said last year that ultimately, HP will need to have a smartphone.

Previously, HP made the ill-fated TouchPad tablet, Pre and Veer smartphones that all ran on WebOS. Eventually, HP decided to shelve all the products and it open-sourced WebOS. It then focussed on Windows 8 devices.

The Android bit is extremely critical because, HP already makes touch screen devices based on Windows 8 and it is yet to out a device based on open source WebOS.


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