HTC offers Rs 2,500 off on the Desire X and Desire U under buyback scheme


Apple’s buyback schemes for its phones and tablets have been a huge hit in the Indian market and nearly all the other companies like LG, Nokia, Sony, Samsung and BlackBerry have followed suit with their own schemes. Now, the latest to enter this arena is HTC.

HTC is offering a buyback scheme on its Desire series of phones, especially the Desire X and the Desire U. Under the scheme, when you exchange your old phone you will get Rs 2,500 off on either one of the aforementioned devices. Needless to say, the cashback is subject to certain conditions. The scheme effectively brings down the price of the Desire X from Rs 16,790 to Rs 14,280 and in the case of the Desire U from Rs 14,390 to Rs 11,890.

Unlike the schemes offered by Sony and Samsung, where they offer cashback after having raised the prices of the devices, HTC hasn’t raised the price of the Desire X or the Desire U. Without the scheme, the Desire X is available on e-commerce sites at prices ranging from Rs 16,000 to Rs 17,490. The Desire U, on the other hand, is available in the range of Rs 13,000 to Rs 14,000 on e-commerce sites.

Thanks Ameya Shelar for the information.

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