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HTC Sense 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich UI seen in a leaked ROM

Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich has done a fantastic job of revamping the stock Android UI. Suffice to say that it has garnered loads of critical acclaim, but that does not stop hardware OEMs from creating their own custom Android skins. HTC for long provided its Sense UI for its Android devices, and now it’s working on a new version of Sense optimized for the latest version of Android. The folks at Android Central took a closer look at the latest version of Sense and have posted a few screenshots of the UI which they received through a leaked ROM of the HTC Endeavor. Hit the break for a gallery of screenshots.

At a glance it is definitely reminiscent of Sense 3.5, but there are few key difference. Firstly, the stock Ice Cream Sandwich lock screen is no where to be seen, instead we get the Sense lock ring, but this time around in different colors, and different designs. Secondly, the leap preview has been totally redesigned with a card like view. Another new thing that I have noticed is the presence of a more traditional dock, apart from having new widgets.

Previously we had seen a video of the HTC Sense interface on the HTC Ville, and I must admit that the interface is very similar to what we have seen on the Endeavor. Admittedly I would still prefer the stock ICS launcher, but I must say that the new version of Sense looks quite intriguing. In all probability, we will get the taste of the Sense UI soon enough as it should be launched at MWC later this month.

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