HTC Sense 5 screenshots leak again, drops skeuomorphism: Report

Only a few days a go we reported about the leaked image of the HTC M7, which will also come with HTC’s Sense 5 skin that will come with a new user-interface design. Today, TechCrunch is also reporting something on similar lines and released screenshots of the same. The report claims that the screenshots were obtained from an XDA-Forums member who had managed to install the ROM on an HTC Droid DNA.

As we have already reported, the screenshots suggest that HTC has finally abandoned its taste for skeuomorphism, in lieu for a more modern digital design. It’s closer to what Google has been attempting with its ‘vanilla’ Android experience ever since it heralded the ‘Holo’ UI with Android Honeycomb.  It combines this with the ‘Roboto’ font and the widget design has been wildly updated with a more modern look.

Hopefully, this is not a pipe-dream and it becomes a reality when HTC launches the rumored M7.


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