HTC teases ‘ultrapixels’, mocks Nokia PureView 808 in the process

HTC is scheduled to launch the M7 later this month, which is expected to be the first Android smartphone with pixel oversampling technology. As is the custom these days, HTC too has started blowing its bugle and brow beating competition. In a blog post illustrating the evolution of digital photography, HTC is teasing a “new sound and camera experience” for 2013.

In the post, HTC points out the Nokia PureView 808 with its 41-megapixel sensor, noting how it caused one reviewer to say “it won’t help you at all.” According to reports, HTC is planning to introduce “ultrapixels,” which is essentially a marketing term but will have three layers of 4.3-megapixel layers for pixel over sampling.

HTC is organizing a press event on February 19 in New York and London where it is expected to unveil the device. The smartphone vendor is hoping that the M7 will help it differentiate its Android smartphones from those from rivals, especially Samsung. In a leaked video of the company’s internal year-end event, CEO Peter Chou is seen chanting “M7” to his employees.

Despite having good products like the One X+ and the Butterfly, HTC has struggled to maintain its market share and has seen its fortunes dwindling since the last quarter of 2011.


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