HTC updates Android 4.0 timeline, says devices with less than 512MB ROM will not get ICS

HTC has just updated its timeline for Android 4.0 updates on its website. While the new timeline seems to be promising, there is also some very bad news for owners of HTC tablets and older or lower end smartphones, as HTC says that devices with less than 512 MB RAM ROM will not receive the update to ICS and neither will tablets like the Flyer or the Jetstream (Not available in India) which run Android 3.2 Honeycomb.

In addition to this, HTC also says that the devices that will get updated will receive Sense 3.6 and not Sense 4. This is a bitter pill to swallow in our opinion as Sense 3.6 is indeed quite complex and bloated. HTC cites hardware requirements for this, though we cannot fathom this, considering the low-end HTC One V runs Sense 4, albeit a toned down version of it, but nonetheless the device does not boast of state of the art hardware. In fact, we could argue that devices like the EVO 3D and the Sensation have better hardware than the HTC One V, minus of course the image sense chip, which could be a factor.

While HTC has not talked about an India specific update cycle, it does list out a plethora of devices, including US variants. Some of the Indian devices which that will receive the Android 4.0 update include – the Sensation, EVO 3D, Desire HD, Desire S, Incredible S, Rhyme, Sensation XE and XL.

The Sensation is slated to receive the update between March and June, so that can only mean the update could be near considering June is only a week away. On the other hand the Desire S, the Rhyme the EVO 3D and the Incredible S will receive the update between June and July.  Some of the newer devices that will not receive the update to ICS include – HTC ChaCha, HTC Salsa, HTC Wildfire S, and HTC Explorer.

As usual, HTC is citing carrier testing and implementation of customizations as the reason for delay in the updates, but hopefully HTC will come good on the update cycle this time around.

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