> > Huawei announces K3 quad-core processor, claims it is the fastest

Huawei announces K3 quad-core processor, claims it is the fastest

Apart from releasing it’s Ascend D smartphone, Huawei has unveiled its homegrown K3 quad-core processor, which happens to power the Ascend D, at its presser at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Perhaps, the most intriguing bit of the information about this processor is Huawei’s claim of it being the fastest, even faster than Nvidia’s mighty Tegra 3.

Huawei claims the K3 processor packs in a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 CPU, however in addition to this there are also 16 GPUs. Furthermore, Huawei says the K3 chip also the lowest heat signature and footprint. To give perspective to their lofty claims, Huawei bench-marked its chip against the Galaxy Nexus and the Asus Transformer Prime where the K3 chip came up on top. Apart from this, Huawei touts the K3 chip to be 30 percent more efficient than its competitors a feat worth praise if true in real world usage. Besides this the K3 chip is also 49 percent faster than any of its competitors on pure CPC based tasks.

The K3 chip will be first seen in action in Q2 of 2012 on the Ascend D, though we can expect more Huawei devices to adopt it pretty soon and perhaps even third party OEMs if Huawei decides to sell it considering the performance advantage the company claims.