> > Idea launches Speed Booster packs for 3G data subscribers

Idea launches Speed Booster packs for 3G data subscribers

How many times has it happened that you have run through your monthly 3G data cap and your carrier throttles the data speed, often sending you to pre-EDGE era or makes you pay on per 10KB basis, which turns out to be way too expensive? Idea Cellular has now rolled out its new 3G ‘Speed Booster’ packs which provide high speed data access to the postpaid 3G subscribers on NetSetter and mobile with Unlimited and Bill secure plans.

These booster packs are mainly to enhance the speed of accessing data, even when the high speed data limit set for the month is consumed before the end of monthly bill cycle. There are three speed booster plans launched at Rs 100, Rs 175 and Rs 250 which offer 300MB, 500MB and 1GB of 3G data respectively. Moreover, subscribers can get the plans renewed multiple times till the bill cycle ends. Users can use these to push the downloading speed to 21.1Mbps, till the fixed data volume is used.

The data packs are made available across India, and can be subscribed to by contacting the customer care centre or by sending a text message ACT<SPACE>SB<SPACE>100 or ACT<SPACE>SB<SPACE>175 or ACT<SPACE>SB<SPACE>250 to 12345.