Independence Day 2014: India goes to the Internet to express their love for the country

Independence Day

With India entering its 68th year of independence, the citizens of the country are celebrating with small gestures depicting their patriotism. Schools, colleges and societies all indulge in the flag hoisting ceremony and don the tricolour as part of their wardrobes. Today, with the advent of social platforms, creative minds have now got a platform to express in many ways.

Ahead of the Independence Day, Video Daddy – YouTube channel – decided to go out on the streets and asked people from all walks of life, “azadi kahaan milegi?“ From awkward smiles to confused glances to some very weird responses, these answers will make you smile and break your heart all at the same time.

This rendition of ‘Roobaroo’  sung by 10 artists in 9 different languages, clearly shows that no matter what language we speak, we are all Indians at heart. The perfect tribute on Independence Day.

A  singer by passion, Tushar Joshi decided to do the A Capella version of Maa Tujhe Salaam to showcase his love for the country.

Even this version of the National Anthem released by YouTube channel beingindian is extremely moving and a poignant tribute to our counrty’s aam junta.

Music band Maati Baani collaborated with Pakistani singers to make a song titled Rang Rangiya to spread the message of peace and love.

Even Eros Now used the social media to create a song that was sung by 50 strangers. The result was then uploaded on YouTube:

On the eve of independence, veteran actor Farhan Akhtar also decided to use the internet and conduct a live digital concert that anyone could attend by just paying Rs 1. His Stroke  of midnight concert was a truly innovative concept and a sneak peek at the future  of music gigs in India.

The hashtag #HappyIndependenceDay has been trending on Twitter since last night with users tweeting  quotes of freedom fighter to just expressing their love for the country. Even Facebook saw Independence Day trending on its site with people posting pictures of their flag hoisting ceremony and other patriotic acts.

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