India Elections 2014: Facebook adds “I’m a Voter” button

Facebook- I'm a voter

Facebook has launched a new feature for Indian voters, which will remind them to vote at the 2014 General Elections, and also let them share their participation via an “I’m a Voter” button that they can click after casting their vote.

On the polling day depending on one’s location, both these new features will be activated on Facebook Mobile. The reminder message will be visible on the top of the News Feed, and so will be the “I’m a Voter” button. Since the minimum age for voting is 18, the two features will be available to only those who are 18 or above.

It’s not the first time Facebook has done something related to the elections. In 2013, to encouraged youngsters to come forward and vote in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Facebook had introduced a feature called “Registered to Vote.” Aimed at first time voters, Facebook is letting them to add the day when they registered themselves in the voter’s list. For that, users can go to life event, click on travel and experience, and select registered to vote from there.

Facebook is not alone is providing Election Day specific services. Google has launched a portal that gives information about all candidates standing in these elections across all constituencies. Uber too is doing its bit by offering free rides to users in select cities on polling day.

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