India Elections 2014: Uber to offer free rides on polling days in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad


In a bid to encourage users to step out and vote, premium cab service Uber is offering free rides to its users on the days polls for Lok Sabha elections are held in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. Under the offer, Uber will give away two rides up to Rs 1,000 each when people use a special code. The offer will be available to both existing and new users.

For instance, Uber users in Delhi will be able to use VOTEDEL as a discount code tomorrow (April 10) and avail two rides that are free up to Rs 1,000 each between polling hours (7AM-7PM). Similarly, users in Bangalore will be able to use VOTEBLR on April 17, Mumbai (VOTEMUM) and Chennai (VOTECHE) on April 24, and and Hyderabad (VOTEHYD) on April 30.

“This is not an offer we are doing to increase new signups. This is available to everyone and is just a gesture from Uber to make it easy for people to step out and cast their vote,” an Uber official told BGR India. Uber says it will ramp up the number of cars that are available on the roads to meet the surge in demand.

Earlier, Uber had offered a discount of 65 percent on Republic Day in Delhi. Uber had dropped its rates by 75 percent bringing them at par with autorickshaw rates when autorickshaws had gone on strike in Bangalore earlier this year.

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