India has slowest Internet penetration rise in Asia Pacific in 2014


India, which accounts for the third largest online user base globally after China and the US, has had the lowest Internet penetration growth in Asia Pacific (APAC) at 17.4 percent so far this year, research firm eMarketer said in a report. However, it left behind major emerging markets in APAC like China and Indonesia in terms of growth in online users as of May 2014.

Asia-Pacific will boast of over 1.33 billion Internet users this year, the largest online population of any region in the world. “Within the region, Internet usage rates span a broad range, from as low as 17.4 percent of India’s population this year, to nearly eight in 10 in South Korea,” it added.

The research firm said there is a clear split between developed Internet economies South Korea, Japan and Australia, which all have at least three-quarters of their total populations online and less developed, but growing, markets like Indonesia and India.

South Korea accounted for the highest 78.9 percent of the Internet penetration growth in Asia Pacific followed by Japan (77.3 percent), Australia (76 percent), China (48.5 percent) and Indonesia (33 percent).

“Unsurprisingly, it’s these less mature markets that are growing their web populations more quickly, both because of their relatively smaller bases and the basic fact that saturation is far off in these countries,” eMarketer said.

India led Asia Pacific nations in user growth at 28.9 percent followed by Indonesia (14.9 percent), China (six percent), Australia (1.7 percent), Japan (0.8 percent) and South Korea (0.7 percent). “Double-digit growth rates in India’s Internet population are expected throughout eMarketer’s forecast period (2012 – 2018), while Indonesia will also post increases of 10 per cent or higher through 2016,” the firm said.

By contrast, it expects online populations of South Korea and Japan to stagnate over the same period. Industry body the Internet And Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) expects India’s Internet user base to touch 243 million by this month, projecting a year-on-year growth of 28 percent. As per TRAI data, the country’s Internet subscriber base stood at 238.71 million as on December 31, 2013.

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  • Varun

    with the speed of 256 kbps and isp that don’t care about the user experience but instead focus on increasing their revenue by raising bills every 3-4 months and don’t invest much in infrastructure….how can it grow. Telecom policy hasn’t been changed for years and still stuck at low crappy speeds….US is moving towards increasing their min speed to 10mbps and we maybe towards 512kbps. In a market where I see no competition this is bound to happen…MTNL and BSNL are there but everyone knows about their services. So pvt co get the leverage to charge whatever they want.
    I just hope the new govt can do something about it.