India made 16 requests to Twitter for user information in the first half of 2014


Twitter’s latest transparency report reveals the number of requests it received from governments between January and July 2014 for user related information. In this time period, the micro blogging platform received 2,058 requests for account information from 54 countries. India made 16 requests for account information, which specified 44 user accounts.

In comparison, the Indian government had made 19 requests for 27 specific user accounts in the second half of last year between July and December. Of the 16 requests made this year, Twitter complied with only 13 percent of them.

Courts in India didn’t make any removal requests to Twitter this year, but various government agencies made five requests and the company complied with all of them. In total, 31 countries made 432 requests for content removal this year, which up by 14 percent since the last time.

The US again led the pack with the highest number of requests (1,257), followed by Japan (192) and Saudi Arabia (189).

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