India made 19 requests to Twitter for user information in second half of 2013


Twitter has released another transparency report where it reveals the number of requests it received from governments between July and December of last year for user related information. Additionally, it also reveals applications for content removal, along with takedown notices received from copyright holders. Twitter recorded 1,410 requests in this time frame, which is a 22 percent increase from last time in the number of requests from agencies around the globe with US leading the charge. India, on the other hand, made 19 requests for user related information.

In addition to the 19 requests, India also sought information on 27 specific user accounts. This is an increase from the last few times when the government made less than 10 requests. Also unlike before, when twitter didn’t reveal any information requested by the Indian government, this time the micro-blogging site revealed some manner of information in 32 percent of the cases. Twitter also received requests to remove two accounts from Indian Courts, six accounts from government agencies and withhold 13 tweets.

As far as other countries are concerned, US led the pack with 59 percent of the requests, followed by Japan (15 percent) and France and the UK (4 percent).