India made second-highest number of user data requests to Google in 2013


India ranks second in Google’s latest Transparency Report, focusing on law, policy and access to information online. The report revealed the number of law enforcement agency requests that Google and YouTube received from each country in 2013. It also listed the percentage of requests with which the company actually complied.

Law enforcement agencies in the US submitted 21,492 requests for data on Google users last year, which was by far the highest number on the list. India had the second-highest number of requests in 2013 at 5,204, and Google complied with approximately 65 percent of those requests.

The list of 10 countries with the most Google user data requests, with numbers, in 2013 is given below:

  1. United States- 21492
  2. India- 5204
  3. Germany- 4971
  4. France- 4761
  5. United Kingdom- 2671
  6. Brazil – 2324
  7. Italy- 1797
  8. Australia- 1425
  9. Spain – 1192
  10. Poland- 998

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