India overtakes Japan to become the world’s third largest internet population at 73.9 million: ComScore


In its latest report—2013 India Digital Future in Focus— ComScore has some interesting findings. According to the report, three-quarters of India’s online population is under 35. Below are a few more findings that give you an idea of the Indian online population demographic.

Riding on a 31 percent year-on-year increase, India’s online population grew to 73.9 million. With an extended online universe in excess of 145 million, the market is at a tipping point for online businesses. Other interesting observations are as follows;

  • Younger males and women aged 35-44 emerge as power users
  • Three-quarters of India’s online population is under 35.
  • Males in the segment and women aged 35-44 are amongst the heaviest users
  • 60 percent of web users in India visit online retail sites.
  • Social Networks capture the largest percentage of consumers’ time in the region.
  • Facebook continues to be the number one social network with a 28 percent increase in traffic and a reach of 86 percent.
  • LinkedIn emerges as number two, while Pinterest and Tumblr are the fastest growing networks.
  • The online video audience in India grew an astounding 27 percent in the past year, YouTube continues to be the top video property with more than 55percent share.
  • International publishers including Facebook, Yahoo and Dailymotion get a majority of the 54 million who watched videos.

Local content is distributed mainly through the YouTube platform dominated by Bollywood.

Written by Mahfreed Irani. The article first appeared here.

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