Indiagames will make 8 apps free for iOS between November 10 and 17

Disney UTV owned Indiagames will make eight games free for iOS devices between November 10 and November 17 as part of festive season promotional offer. One app will go free everyday on the App store starting November 10 with World Cup fever deluxe, IPL T20 fever deluxe on November 11, Cricket World Cup fever deluxe on November 12, IPL Cricket fever deluxe on November 13, Quarrel deluxe on November 14, Godzilla Monster Mayhem on November 15, Cricket T20 fever on November 16 and Aus vs Eng Test series deluxe on November 17.

Additionally between November 23 and 28, Indiagames will offer six apps for Rs 55 on the App store. Some of these games will include the above-mentioned games like World Cup cricket fever, Cricket fever challenge and Quarrel.

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