Indian carriers place orders for Nano SIMs, iPhone 5 launch could be earlier than expected

The iPhone 5 might launch in India earlier than anticipated. Indian carriers have started placing orders for Nano SIM cards, which is currently being used exclusively in the iPhone 5. According to multiple sources, Airtel and Vodafone have already placed orders for Nano SIM cards. Airtel is sourcing them from Oberthur and Vodafone from Syscom. Aircel, which along with Airtel has been Apple’s carrier partner in India, is also said to be placing its orders. Sources tell us that almost every carrier would bring Nano SIM cards and make it more widely available than Micro SIMs as users would no longer be able to cut a regular SIM card to convert it into Nano SIM. Read on for more details.

We are also told that Apple might launch the iPhone 5 in India as early as mid-October. This is in stark contrast to what we had earlier heard about it getting launched closer to Diwali. It seems Apple has shifted gears in the past week or so and India could be in the third wave of launch countries. At the moment Apple has announced it will launch in nine countries on September 21 followed by 22 more countries on September 28. Apple intends to launch the iPhone 5 in 100 countries by the end of this year.

Apple has also beefed up its sales team in India specifically for the iPhone, iPod and iPad in the past couple of months. For the first time, Apple India will be distributing the iPhone along with its carrier partners, which means it will be more widely available than before.

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