Indian government made 2,513 requests for user information to Google in the second half of 2013


Google has released the transparency report for the second half of 2013. The report, as we know, throws light on the volume of data requests made by governments around the world. According to the report, although there has been an increase in the number worldwide, the number of requests made by the Indian government saw a decline.

India made a total of 2,513 user data requests between July and December 2013, which in comparison to the requests made in January-June 2013 (2,691) registered a drop of about 7 percent.

The user/accounts, which is the number of multiple requests made for a user saw an increase of about 6 percent, rising from 4,161 from January-June 2013 to 4,401 in July-December 2013.

Also, there was an increase in the percentage of requests processed by Google; from 64 percent in the first half of 2013 to 66 percent in the second half.

Among top-10 prominent countries whose governments ask Google for snooping data, India ranks fourth in terms of total requests made. For User/Accounts, India ranks second. And for the number of requests processed by Google, India maintains a fourth position. The leader of the pack is, as you can guess, USA.

July-December       2013
Data Requests 2691 2513
User/Accounts 4161 4401
64% 66%

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