Indian government wants PIN details of every BlackBerry smartphone in the world: Report

The Indian government has BlackBerry on its cross-hair again as security concerns about the ability to snoop in on data transmitted via BlackBerry’s network come to fore yet again. According to the Economic Times, a government panel has asked BlackBerry to provide information of unique PIN details of all the Blackberry devices working not just in India but across the world. At the moment, according to the report, security agencies cannot intercept messages shared between Indian users and those living abroad. In other words, the government is asking BlackBerry to share PIN details of every BlackBerry handset sold in the world.

Every BlackBerry smartphone has a unique PIN allocated to it that cannot be changed or transferred. The PIN is crucial to access information exchanged from any device and BlackBerry had provided PIN details of handsets sold in India but security agencies cannot intercept messages shared with those living abroad without having their PIN details.

Earlier, India had threatened to ban BlackBerry services if the smartphone vendor did not provide it access to data transmitted by users over its secure network by March 31, 2011. BlackBerry has always maintained it does not have a “key” to decrypt messages sent over its network but finally bowed to government demands by setting up a monitoring server in Mumbai.

However, after testing the interception solution put into place, the government has found that the decrypted web browsing data is not in a readable format and BlackBerry has agreed to offer a solution by April 31. BlackBerry has, according to the report, provided an intermediate solution to provide email attachments in readable format.

BlackBerry India has not issued any statement at the time of publishing this story.


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  • Rutul666

    Have our politicians have gone mad, why on gods green earth they’d require the PIN number of all the blackberry users, why the government think that only they’d be involved in money laundering case, black money and corruption, and what gives them the right to assume that every crook in this world would use a blackberry to communicate or to plot their plan, it’s just that we live in a country which is governed by bunch of old blithering idiots, who still beg for vote citing the name of Gandhiji, what is the point of dreaming for a new India we still live in the past.