Indian journalist Shubhranshu Choudhary bags the 2014 Google Digital Activism Award


A part of Index Freedom of Expression Awards, the Google Digital Activism Award rewards people who have made it big in one of the four categories, namely advocacy, arts, digital activism, and journalism. This year, it’s the Indian journalist Shubhranshu Choudhary who has received the award for his commendable effort in citizen journalism, beating ex-NSA contractor and whistle blower Edward Snowden.

Choudhary, a nominee in the Digital activism category, was honored for making CGNet Swara (Voice of Chattisgarh) a reality, reports IBNLive. CGNet Swara is service that relies on mobile phones for reporting incidents that happen in their vicinity. These reporters have to just call a Bangalore-based phone number and pass on the news there. A moderator, elected by the community, receives the report and makes them ready for broadcast on phone as well as on the Internet.

This is a great way of reporting and broadcasting news to (and from) people who don’t necessarily have access to more modern modes of communication. Co-founder of CGNet Swara and now the proud fellow with the 2014 Google Digital Activism award added, “If we want a better democracy, a peaceful tomorrow we can not leave Journalism in the hands of few any more. Time has comes like politics, Journalism also needs to become everybody’s business. And it is possible.”

You can know more about CGNet Swara in the video below:

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